Pedaling Backwards

“WHAT, WHO, WHEE” – actual AM Radio Call Signs – when Radio was “The Town Crier” . . .

Video might have Killed The Radio Star, but The Internet Killed Community. Back in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and the first part of the 70’s, Radio was an integral part of the Community. It was the “Chronicler” of Community, the New Town Crier so to speak. But it provided information and entertainment – and did so – for the “masses” and at a cost anyone could afford. There was no “final mile problem” – at all. In fact, look up “Roadrunner” by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers – you’ll get it instantly . . .

We have “invented” more problems than we have solved. Our country and its Democracy is at the brink of extinction because of “Reality TV” and “Social Media”. We are Pedaling Backwards . . .

Radio stations were “Live on Location”. WNNJ in Newton, NJ was a low power AM radio station who played the local High School basketball games on the radio. How cool is that? Yes – feels like pre-historic times. It was real, raw, “Community Radio”. The voice of the “Common Man”. The Internet is nowhere near a substitute. I’m no Luddite – my career has been in IT – specifically a Data Architect, Data Engineer and Database Administrator – for 40 years. My life has been nothing but “The latest and greatest technology” . . .

On with the song!

In Ancient Times
On the radio
We heard sounds
The music played
And people danced
Across the towns

Some progress
Is not progress
We’re Pedaling backwards
Social media
Is not social
Its anti-social

Where is
The Farm Report? The Local Weather?
The Local Music? Local News?
Where are the
School plays?
The local stores?
The local people?

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