The Art Police (Art Worth Stealing)

Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Mabel

Maybe 10 years or so ago, I had an Assemblage art show at a goofy gallery in The Mission. I don’t remember it’s name, but it was two storefronts – one was a Tacqueria and the other a sort of nightclub / gallery. I think they could sell beer and wine.

Anyway, it’s the only time I had an Assemblage or Photo stolen during one of quite a few shows I had back in the day. I remember being a little pissed but more flattered. Nothing says “Art Appreciation” more than having your art stolen!

It was August Third
When the heist went down
At a gallery in SF
Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Mabel
Victims of the Theft

Just the facts, mam
The detective said
As he scribbled in his book
Retrace your steps now
Let’s take another look

The gallery hired
A security guard
To watch over each piece
The detective said “an inside job”
Accused the Art Police


The Art Police
Carry no badge
They drive in unmarked cars
To protect and serve
Calm artists nerves
Art thieves won’t get far

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