Who Will Save Us From Ourselves?

I have always liked The Fall, and so I decided to try to write a Fall-ish sounding song.

The Fall were always that band that had that “something” and where they used repetition in a way no other band I know used – and more than just got away with it. Of course, Mark E. Smith and his vocals / delivery and lyrics are probably something that I’ll bet were taken for granted – and now that I have at least made an attempt – I think I do know why some have called him a genius.

He passed away January 2018, but he did leave an impressive catalog and legacy.

There’s potatoes in the north
Bugger off at all costs

There’s a bad president
He was not heaven sent

There’s a plague in the world
It will make your blood curl

There’s a racist police state
Helping keep America Great

There’s a Q in Anon
Cuz the followers like to be conned

There’s a priest in the news
Exposed himself in the pews

There’s a kid in a cage
Stoking fires of outrage

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