The Wall

I built a wall – and didn’t scam anyone

This song was influenced by another favorite band, The Feelies. By the way, the Feelies were movies in Aldous Huxleys famous novel, Brave New World.


Yards from my desk
There’s a gurgling creek
It gives me great solace
Where I write tongue in cheek

During the Fall
When the season will change
The trees turning color
A glorious range

I can’t get too serious
Or red in the face
Nature doth humble
With incredible grace

The wall is a rebuild of a retaining wall that was falling over – into our creek. It was made using old broken up patio slabs. Rather than stack them as the previous wall builders did – I turned them on their side – since they were thick and heavy. I also used the footing of the old wall as a rock path – and set the wall back several feet into the hill.

The end of the wall and path that runs along our creek

Since Covid-19 started, I have been quite prolific in my gardening / hard-scaping and also learning a lot about music theory and have stepped up a big level where I can now easily write simple lead lines and melodic counterpart bass parts.

Dried out leaves making a small composition along the rock wall path

Years ago I read a book by Freeman Patterson – who challenged the reader to take photos every day around your house and yard – and it was a great exercise. The world is constantly changing – and even in small ways – right under your nose is a whole universe – waiting for you to see and enjoy.

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