Cathedral of Ghosts

Shortwave Radio

I participated in an online Zoom “Happy Hour” of everyone who graduated Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania in the 80’s. It was great – I actually knew several people in the chat, and we shared some fun memories.

What I have realized since then is that we were all “Radio Kids” – our generation was informed by both AM and FM radio – and a few of us “outliers” also listened to shortwave radio. While I have some favorite “Internet Radio” stations – nothing beats the old time “real” radio.

I didn’t have a favorite band that influenced me, but used my “chord wheel” to see what chords are in the key of B. I then used a lap steel with a cool Zoom effects pedal to get that fading radio sound.

I can hear the station
In between fades
Playing my favorite song
On the radio

Like a marker of time
Music on the radio
Our Great Cathedral
Our Cathedral of Ghosts

Sailing through the airwaves
Our histories past
We hold our memories dear
On the radio


Fading out now
In my dreams
Fading out now
And forever

“Cathedral” Radio . . .

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