King of Kings

We continue to suffer for His sins

As much as I try so hard to keep politics out of my blogs – my art has been in “Resistance Mode” for 3 1/2 years. My challenge – to myself – has been to try and take the lesson we learn from Monster Trump as a Future Warning – and then cast that lesson as either and echo of some religious book of knowledge (aka “Religious Screed”), or somehow cast the moral of the story to a fable or fairy tale. 

Todays Sermon – from on High in my Garage Recording Studio (“man cave”) is from Jimmy Cliff:

“The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall”.  The “twist” is that Power is a Drug – injected into the veins – creates Monsters of Epic Proportion. 

King of Kings

The king of kings
We suffer for your sins
But you keep on sinnin’
And you keep on grinnin’

Nailed by the king
Gold spike in your arm
You say it’s alright
It can do no harm

Celebrity life
You had it all
One bad move …
You lost it all


Its lonely at the top
You’re gunnin’ for the long haul
The higher you are
The farther you fall

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