Icarus Complex (The Daedalus Myth)

Don’t fly too high or too low . . .

The last few posts, I found some truth amongst the horror we have experienced the past four years. I realize that this truly is all a game – a ruse – one that has cost the US – but one that won’t ruin us. I’ve never been a protester – or even a punk – although I admire those who are – but I have found that taking some bad news story of the day and relating it back to Greek Mythology – or even Christian Mythology is comforting – mainly because it reminds me that this is not the first time the world has experienced this sort of horror.

Over confident
Under competent
How the story goes

Don’t fly too high
Don’t fly too low
Heed my advice

Your hubris
And over confidence
You’ll pay the ultimate price


He flew too high

He flew too low

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