Welcome Autumn

Autumn in Northern California is subtle

I grew up in Northern NJ where the Fall Colors we’re usually quite good. I do remember some years people would complain that we had only yellow leaves or a big rainstorm ended the Fall colors too early. I also remember how it would then turn grey and cold and that snow at least made it less grey out.

Rust and copper colored flowers amongst the white

On my daily bike ride I see lots of subtle but gorgeous fall colors here in The East Bay. Because so many trees are landscape trees, we do get nice fall colors and they last for September through almost Christmas.

I think I’ll turn off all news now that RBG has passed and things will get even nastier politically. At this point I think the most important thing that can happen is the Democrats flip the Senate. Luckily, the Supreme Court has ruled against Trump in several cases, so he knows he doesn’t own the court system. Maybe this is the only reason why he will be blocked from becoming a dictator?

Anyway, it’s almost Fall, and I won’t let Trump bother me any more. I only have my vote, and I have generously donated to Biden / Harris.

It’s time to take in the beauty of fall, and I’m praying that the worst of fire season is over. Bring on the beauty of fall.

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