A Change of Luck

The Hypnotist

My Grandfather brought most of his family to America in the 20’s. He had fought for the Germans in WWI and he and my Grandmother survived that and the 1918 Pandemic. Not long after arriving in the US, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened. My Aunt was brought over to America in the 30’s (back then the boys came over first, so my Aunt stayed right up until the first hint of WWII was imminent). My Father survived landing on the beach at Normandy in WWII.

My Mothers family were from Bow and Hammersmith in London – and they escaped the German bombing with nothing but the clothes on their backs – and ended up in Torquay, Devon (a very nice place to end up in BTW). I still have many relatives in the UK and in Germany – and have visited them in the past.

These days feel terrible in the US. When I think of what my family went through – any one of these things were worse than what is happening now in the US. That is not to say its a wonderful, glorious time – but I truly believe we are going through a time more like the late 60’s – and that yes, there will be riots and civil unrest – but like the 60’s, they will lead to a relatively more quiet time. The idiots who are causing these problems will be dead soon or too old to continue this bullshit. The minority rule we have today will crumble – and will be replaced by a country that is more diverse and multi-cultural than ever.

But first – we have to get past what I think is the “last bastion of white nationalism”.

Our lucks gotta change
We’ve been through a lot

These are strange times
They won’t last forever

A tale of two cities
A divided country


A change of luck
Is in the wind

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