The Emperor’s New Death Star

The irony of it all . . . .

I’ve written two songs that cover “The Year This Week” – which started with Bradley Parscale getting busted and “allegedly” trying to commit suicide (I think he might have had a breakdown because the walls have closed in on him). This post is that song – “Death Star” . . .

The second song will be posted tomorrow – and its about Trump getting COVID. Its called “Rest in Pieces” . .

Bradley built Trumps Death Star
House of cards imploding
Taxes are unfolding
Bradley’s gun reloading

Cambridge Analytica
Next up in the news
Add to Bradley’s Blues
A pair of cement shoes

Watch for Deutsche Bank
Next one in the tank
Foreign interference
Insecurity clearance

Reality show President
Be careful what you wish
Investigated by Tish
You’ll be swimming with the fish

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