A Harvest Moon Prayer

Grand County, Colorado

A year ago we spent part of September in Denver, and then because we were driving through Boulder, Ft. Collins, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction – that we would extend our vacation and drive all the way home – via Park City, Utah. We are very glad that we did.

The only problem with Autumn in recent years has been all of the fires in the West. I know that at least half of the reason is due to climate change – and us idiot humans are getting what we deserve, and it will get worse, but some is also due to forest management – which is really hard to do. Try raking a forest! Forests need fires to regenerate, and I do believe that upwards of 50% of the problem has to do with just the age and undergrowth that Mother Nature is managing. Humans also have pushed the limits on where we build houses . . . Its a complex set of issues – not just one. Its hard to believe that Siberia also has been on fire!

On this Harvest Moon, I would like to offer a prayer to Mother Nature, and God perhaps (if such a deity exists – I am having serious doubts any more), but just in case:

Hear our prayer

Hells fire scare

Give us peace

Give us relief


There is a duble entendre here – a “twofer” if you will. The terrible fires that seem to have been raging for almost 2 months now and the terror in the US White house – are Hells Fire. My solemn wish is that both are extinguished by November 3rd.


We humbly ask this of you

Oh Mother Nature and God

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