Rest in Pieces


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Alas Poor Yorick, I knew Him Well


While I don’t wish anyone bad tidings – some deserve the Karma that they have made themselves (in fact – that is the main reason one shouldn’t waste time hoping harm will come for others). “You’ve made your bed – now sleep in it” comes to mind. Shakespeare discussed life and death in Hamlet – in the Gravedigger passage. He also quote’s a Bible idea about “The Quick and the Dead”. For some, that sleep will be eternal, except for Poor Yorick.

I started out thinking about the Year This Week – where we went from Brad Parscale’s very bizarre take down and “supposed” suicide attempt (which I believe was more like someone stressed who knows he was finally busted for his grifting crimes), and now we have our government “fearless leaders” with Covid-19 after making a mockery of anyone wearing a mask and contributing to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands – if not a hundred thousand Americans. In between, Trump pays ZERO taxes, he is worst than broke – to the tune of > 200 million, his real estate is hemorrhaging money like water, he totally fucked up the Debate – especially with the whole White Supremacist thing, his dumbest child Eric has to go to court very soon, gee – I must have missed a few things, but that just tired me out . . . . 

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