Twin Lens Reflex

Twin Lens Reflex Film Camera

I wanted to write a song about Black Lives Matter because the history books are going to show how important that movement is / has been. I also love the “Two Tone” ska movement in the 80’s in the UK and reggae and ska in general. Its music that is very positive and upbeat, which is more powerful than more anthemic or sharp pointed “lectures”. I also do think abo

Twin lens reflex
In parallax
Two different views

One side black
The other white
Its in the news

Graphic view
Large format
Special lens

Awaken the White
Taught by the Black
Now become friends

Its never too late
To come together
And denounce hate

Old habits die hard
The bigger the beast
The bigger the fate

Fine grains of silver
Fine grains of sand
Time in an hourglass
The Family of Man

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