American Clown Shoe Putsch

Goodbye, Cruel Narcissist

My family immigrated to the US from Germany in 1926 because of the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch – and what happened here on January 6th was a #SAD Clown Shoe version – but it’s a Cautionary Tale nonetheless.

Clown Shoe Putsch
Circus Tent Schmuck
What the Fuck

Bronzer Clown
Orange Putz
Q Anon Nuts

Incompetent Slob
Grosse Dumpkoff
Mental Sloth

Lazy Fat Cow
Low Energy
Golf Course Flea

Ruined his Brand
Sniffs own Farts
Falling Apart

Commander in Clown
Ist Der Trottel
Jail time Rotter

Moron King
Idiot Snail
Cautionary Tale

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