Aria on Grant Street, San Francisco

Perhaps my favorite shop anywhere – Aria in SF. Alas, tis no more . . .

I used to visit Aria on Grant Street on my daily walks from work – when I worked in downtown San Francisco. I met Jack Howe – who is a great Santa Cruz Assemblage artist and had purchased one of his pieces years ago. I got into Assemblage myself – and most of the photos in this blog are my Assemblage pieces. Most of them I either gave away or took apart to make others – but I always preserved them with my camera. For me – the photography is the thing – not the Assemblage. The Assemblage is like a still life in my mind. I do get many lyric ideas for my songs from my Assemblages.

Here’s to Bill Hesketh, Aria Proprietor, and Jack Howe – who both made my daily lunchtime walks in SF memorable.

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