Grandma Got Run Over by a Texan

Santa Ignores All Politicians

This past Holiday Season, the GOP Lt. Governor of Texas said old people should sacrifice their lives for the economy. So, is this what GOP was yammering on about years ago when they warned us of Obama care Death Squads? My late response is to write lyrics – and its not worth writing music to go along with this sad assed idea – instead, let it be a parody sung to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”.

Grandma got run over by a Texan
Said her life don’t matter anymore
Just let her get the deadly Covid
Send her to the never evermore

This Texans wife became a first time Grandma
Now he sings a slightly different tune
First in line for their vaccination
MAGA hatted anti masker fools

If you think ‘Murka is made great now
Put yer hand on bible upside down
You’ve been conned, swindled lied to and grifted
By a big fat orange dumb assed clown

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