“That” Fleeting Blue Light

I’ve known several people who woke up one day and realized they had to “find themselves” – they had been going through life’s paces, but hadn’t really been living their life – or knew who they were or wanted to be.

In that fleeting blue light
That certain silent speed of sound
Only heard late at night

Did you catch a view?
Did you see yourself?
Was it the real you?

I see you can see you inside
Only you can free yourself
Only you can decide

(UPDATE: I only just now see that Depeche Mode has a song by the same title). I came up with mine by looking at the Assemblage that you see above – and combined that with a loved one’s personal journey and awakening who is finding his self awareness as a young man – and I am very pleased. Stuff they don’t teach you in school – and that which parents can’t really impart in their kids – no matter how hard we may try. We each are the Captains of our Own Inner Ship. Most of my song ideas – lyrically do come from either my Assemblage work or my photography – and tied to life experiences and stories).

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