Introducing Kabarette 391

Tequila Jack

From about 2007 – 2013, I made Assemblage Art. Mostly creepy doll heads and old radio parts. These were made mostly as still life pieces for my photography. I gave all but a handful away, and most people seemed to appreciate them. When I worked at Lithium Technologies in Emeryville, I put a bunch on my desk, and anyone who saw them and raved about them got one for free. That was really fun – my best art story – besides playing at Hotel Utah.

I’ve just started learning German, and combined with my music writing and arranging, I will build a puppet theatre today, and start staging puppet shows – again, mainly for still life photography. I’ve only purchased old, creepy puppets, and each will have a name. There’s Tequila Jack, Sam Wo, Klara und Hermine, Berthold, Edgar Strempfle (a clown).

I will write some dialog in German as I learn the language, and the music I write will be an offshoot from my usual disposable 3 minute pop song. I will try more movie scoring or even try little jazz or classical passages, just for fun.

At some time, I’ll need a robot or space man and some animals.

I hope to make it more funny than creepy, because whenever I created creepy Assemblages, I usually juxtaposed the creep factor with something funny or something that you wouldn’t think goes together, but it did in a fun way.

OK, lets get this puppet party started! I will have the theatre done by tomorrow.

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