How to Catch a Prehistoric Sea Creature

A Seed Pod from one of our plants – looks almost prehistoric

No music today – just that interesting “creature”, plus a “Combine”:

Family Crest

Just a few ideas on a Sunday – I spent the day getting my art studio under the house back in order. I used to use it to build Assemblages – mostly between 2007 – 2013 or so – all of them featured here:


I guess I’m doing a modified version of that work – this time I’m constraining myself to 8 x 10 panels with the emphasis on Creepy Puppets who will review my “Combines” – which are a lot like Max Ernst and Kurt Schwitters work where they were half Assemblage and half “painting”. Robert Rauschenberg coined the phrase “Combines” – which I really like – that name seems to nail it.

How to catch a Prehistoric Sea Creature

OK – have a great week. Soon we will get the vaccine – and we can get some “normal” back in our lives. Honestly – I’ve really loved things NOT being “normal” (except that idiotic political nonsense foisted on us by whacko GOP and other nut cases).

About the only thing I have missed is weight lifting at the gym.

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