I used old 8′ redwood planks to make an outside art workbench

I’ve had many work benches in my life – from electronic ham radio and maker to photographic dark rooms to art / painting, music and wood working work benches. I’ve even had virtual software work benches.

The key to all this is that I’ve lived my life making and building, not tearing down or whining. When the going gets tough, the tough starts making.

My under the house work area. “What’s he building in there?”

I wrote lyrics, but these days I’m not even into the spoken word – let alone singing. I just love trying to improve as a musician and song writer.

Thank you friend
You’ve been with me all my days
You’ll be there in the end

We’ve sailed the 7 seas
Inventing and making things
Our journey’s revealed

Life is for the making
Trying this and that
Nothing is forsaken

Life is for the making
Not just for the taking
Nothing is forsaken
No time for wasting

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