Just for laughs, I purchased the mobile app called Stop Motion Studio – mainly because I can start experimenting with stop motion nd practice with my silly phone – before I try it “seriously”. Also – the phone is easy to try a thumbnail sketch and then when I have something that looks interesting – I can set up the serious camera and lighting gear and then spend the hours I will need to to get it right.

This song is called Schadenfreude – its not something I usually am into – but I have been enjoying the aftermath of January 6th – and I sure hope Karmaic Justice is served on an ice cold dish.

OK – I now can start thinking about stop motion and do some research – its obvious I put zero effort into this puppet guy – I just used a bunch of photos and strung them together – but it does serve a purpose – to get my mind thinking and asking “So what exactly is this Stop Motion, and what are the best starter hints and tips?”.

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