Happy Ana Lemma Day!

I Love my Violin!

Today is another precious day, a day to rejoice in. A few posts ago, I showed my “Tiny Desk Studio”, and you might have noticed the Geochron 4K digital clock. That clock / map is the only thing left from my Ham Radio station – which turned into my music studio. On that map is a cool thing called an analemma – which shows the earth and sun position. Google it for details – its fascinating. The vernal equinox was yesterday, and I’ve been absolutely enthralled with seed pods this year. Freeman Patterson wrote a book challenging the photographer to just photograph your yard for a year. I highly second this recommendation. Its amazing what we miss that is right in front of our faces. And its quite funny, actually.

Today’s big project – a New outdoor workbench

I had to use my old outdoor redwood work bench wood as floor joists in my basement “art dungeon”. My hope that the plywood under layment would just relax and lie flat never happened after almost a month of putting heavy weights on each corner.

Its Sunday, (Christian Holy Day) and while I’ve completely dropped all religion from my life (due to Americans worship of a Fake Prophet) I still do remember to rejoice in the day. I think I’m now a pagan, but if I were religious I’d lean toward Buddhism or Hinduism or other eastern religion. These religions seem to have much less hype than Christianity, and maybe? less hypocrisy. Not sure, and it really doesn’t matter.

Because I wake up each day I rejoice in every day, and I think I give thanks to God, wherever or whomever he/she/it is. This is because the beauty of nature and the ability to create, make and dream seem like an other worldly magic.

The Beatles and other 60’s denizens as well as the Beats dabbled in such things, and now I totally understand where they were coming from. Jack Kerouac channeled the best in my mind – especially in his great book “The Dharma Bums”.

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