Outdoor Redwood Workbench

Bottom of the workbench – with dado joints

The redwood workbench is almost done – the hard part is – that’s for sure. Its made out of recycled posts that I had in the back yard and which used to hold up Ham Radio antennas.

I used an old piece of wood as a guide for the cut and to elevate the blade to keep the channel at the right depth

This doesn’t have to be pefect – thankfully – because I cut the channels a little bit wide – but usually you’d either use a table saw or a hand saw to made a precision dado cut.

The channel is chiseled out. Because its redwood – it was really easy – the chunks just popped out

I was very pleasantly surprised how easy this was.

Not a great photo – but it shows the glue – I use Tightbond, which is pretty strong

I used a piece of redwood 1×1. I suppose I could have cut some slightly wider pieces

Since the purpose of these dado’s is to go deep enough to lock the pieces side by side – and because each piece is glued and clamped, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I put decent screws into each plank from the dado “rail”.

I love doing art projects in the backyard – we get such beautiful weather in Northern California year round. Its never too cold or hot – I can use this year round. Redwood is strong enogh, soft enough, and since these are 4×4’s its a substantial and heavy duty workbench. I don’t care if I get paint all over it.

The two “horns” are to hold things where in the center I want the object to be “in air” – especially useful for working on painted things like dowels and whatnot – which I expect to be painting a lot.

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