Unintended Sabattical

Surprising News Today

We signed up for our Covid Vaccinations today. They opened it up here in Contra Costa County to those 50 and older.

The economy is about to boom – people are booking vacations and travel like its the dawning of a new era, because it is! Restaurants, gyms, movie theatres will soon be packed.

Life will be different from now on, but in a good way. Many will appreciate life, health, family and love like they haven’t in years. Most companies will continue to let people work from home. All of the hiking trails have been re-discovered here in the SF Bay Area and I’ve never seen more people on bikes.

Its a bit weird. I’ve actually enjoyed how this past year it seemed like the earth stood still. It was like taking an unintended sabbatical. It almost felt holy. My wife and I reflected on how lucky we are to have each other and what is important in life almost daily. I think we always have known this, but there is a huge difference between thinking it and saying it. Now layer in our bike riding exercise and music and art, and its been like a year in a monastery.

I feel bad for those who wasted this time being negative, selfish or drive themselves nearly insane with conspiracy theories and nasty politics. Those people will feel like it was a wasted year. Not me, and not at all. I dug deep into music theory and taught myself lap steel, mandolin, bass, violin and rekindled my love of guitar and piano. Life has been great, in spite of the awful politics and covid – two plagues that I hope die soon.

Honestly, the only thing I missed was going to the gym. That will change very soon. I rebuilt rock walls around my yards and they look gorgeous in the spring. I did lift weights that way – heh heh. I could use some yoga classes to stretch though …

What a difference a year makes. I had a great year in spite of everything bad.

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