Lumbering Melancholy

Lumbering Melancholy is the Opposite to how I feel today

It took me a few days to write this song because I tried to write a slow song. That lead to a “lumbering” pace to the song, and the parts sounded almost like a dirge at first – until I spiced it up after the first half. I probably should have introduced the more upbeat ending sooner (that’s when the song gets a lot more interesting) , but I’m chalking this song as a good learning experiment.

We got our first Covid shots and the Contra Costa Health officials were just stellar. That and President Biden, V.P Kamala Harris and their administration – and its so clear how governing and managing is done correctly. Its hard to believe what they have done in ONLY 2 months! Its downright amazing.

They have restored my faith in the USA. Yeah its that big a deal.

As I mentioned before – my life won’t change much – except being able to go to the gym – but this “Covid Cloud” will be gone.

Lumbering Melancholy does describe the work week though, but if that’s what prompted this song its either unintentional or subliminal.

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