(My) Piano Appreciation Day

I have a newfound love of the piano

Although I’ve always liked the piano, lately I find myself re- listening to rock songs that feature piano parts where (while usually a short passage), the piano made the song.

One such song is “Seeing Other People” by Belle and Sebastian and the other is “Outdoor Miner” by Wire. The piano parts match or exceed any guitar hero rock god solo – and as much as I love guitar, in rock music I think it sometimes is over rated. I can’t stand over the top non melodic guitar solos or long winded “jam band” noodling. I’m talking about rock and pop – Jazz improvisation is another story altogether.

Its funny how YouTube suggestions are getting me to revisit music I’ve just been taking for granted for decades. Rock and Pop music might be “disposable” to some degree, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great or even timeless. There are some rock songs that I think are as good as any other genre.

But whether its Rock, Jazz or Classical, I always love the piano parts. Ill probably end up saying this about every instrument I love playing, but for today, I’m having a Bohemian Love Jones with the piano.

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