More Songs About Miniature Things

I Use Redwood Scraps and Basswood

I have a new song written with a great guitar and Farfisa organ part. Ill add a baseline and one other part to accent the end if the song – perhaps Solina synth strings or choral or maybe my favorite “old radio” tack piano part. I really like keeping space in each part so its not as busy as many (most?) Of my songs so far. However, I think its natural to go a bit overboard and then learn finesse – I do believe finesse is a sign if some kind of maturity …

I’m done building my 1:20 scale puppet model and need to paint it. Its turning out great.

I bought some Dremel accessories. Luckily, I had several brand new Dremel tools hardly used since about 2008 or so. Now I’m making great use of them building these puppet theatre props and whatnot. I love designing and building my own scale models. I use leftover redwood scraps and some hobbyist bass wood and dowels I got at my local hardware store.

Stay tuned, as always, making is the journey – be it music, woodworking or other.

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