Joan Of Art

Joan of Art Lamp

Over a decade ago, I was creating dada-esque or surrealist Assemblage pieces. This was a life size piece called “Joan of Art” and was made with an old mannequin, rubber Barbie doll body and animal hip re-purposed as a skull – face and paint brushes. Telly Savales in that “Talkin’ Tina” Twilight Zone episode ain’t got nuttin’ on olde soul Herr Holoch.

This week we received our second covid shots – and are just getting over that. We also have an impending death in the family and a co-worker is leaving, so its a mixed bag. Work was frustrating for a few days but ended quite good given the circumstances.

On the other hand – the work I am doing with miniature props for the puppet theatre is going so well – and the music has been fun – I’m on a new “bass jag” where playing bass has been off the charts fun. I’m loving my own little corner of fantasyland . . .

Life is so surreal – and really, more Dada than surreal . . .

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