Puppet Theatre Miniature Piano and Microphones

Piano with Bench and Two Microphones

I’ve completed my first miniatures for the puppet theatre – and now I have enough props to do a first photo shoot and small puppet music video.

With Black Piano Keys!

The scale is 1:5 – meaning the piano and bench are 1/5th the size of the real thing. I’ll do a proper photo shoot soon. My workshop and puppet theatre are now fully organized, and I have all my tools and wood and other tchotchke’s organized like a pro.

KLAM is an AM radio station in Cordova, Alaska. Funny logo – and what a beautiful part of the world. I chose KLAM because for me – it has great possibilities as an acronym – I’m working on the ultimate one. Keep Listening (to) Alternate Music is my best so far. Share your ideas with me.

As I understand it – they used these call letters in the movie Stand By Me as a fictional Portland, Oregon rdio station – that’s good enough for me. That’s a superb movie. In any case, its just a fun set of call letters.

I’ve got a new song brewing – with a killer bass line. Watch for it in the next few days.

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