My Joke on the World

More fun miniature ideas

I may never create an actual puppet show or even do a stop motion or filmed feature. I’m having WAY too much fun building miniatures.

Just like my music, its all about the fantasy of putting on a show. My music is more a cache of musical ideas than finished and polished pieces. When I played at The Hotel Utah in the 80’s, the work leading up to the show was great fun, but once I got on stage, it was a real disappointment.

I live for my daily notebooks with colored pencil sketches, photographs, miniatures and recorded sound pastiches.

I guess the journey really is always the reward. Another way of saying “Live in the moment, not the future”. Thank goodness I learned this in my 20’s. I promised myself I wouldn’t die regretting what I didn’t do.

I’ve secretly made fun my #1 priority. The joke is on the world. (They will never know!)

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