The Dead Country Radio Show

Dead Country

The Dead Country Radio Show is the best thing I’ve found on YouTube. Its hella mysterious – I think the fellow who did this ran it from 2017 – 2020 but not often. I can’t find anything about the creator of this, but it is (and he is) totally awesome.

The graphic art for the show is stunning. Since I love bands like The Cramps, Blanche, The Gun Club, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Johnny Cash (especially his last stuff covering bands like Nine Inch Nails and Sound garden), whoa, this opens up more bands and artists that I was unaware of.

I think I find this especially cool because in the 70’s, I loved pure Bluegrass like Flatt and Scruggs and Bill Monroe, but hated the Hee Haw redneck country music and that “shtick”. Southern Country Rock really sucked. Unfortunately, I was jaded because I missed the great stuff – which was the music by artists that never was played on the radio. Later I learned just how awesome Dolly Parton was when I heard her play Bluegrass, and Johnny Cash was always cool. However, by slightly twisting it up a bit – it really gets more interesting. Like Uncle Tupelo or Son Volt doing a Merle Haggard song. Then I go back to the original and voila! Same goes for the blues. Modern covers of old blues songs has me seeking out the original Black artists like Lightning Hopkins, etc.

Yesterday I dove into my “goth” experiences. Not 80’s dark eyeliner and mascara wannabe goth, but Capote “In Cold Blood” stuff. Or perhaps “American Beauty” stuff. I started The Monster Club with my cousins in 4th Grade, where we drew pictures of monsters, and so maybe this is where this comes from? Dark can be beautiful too – it’s a weird thing. I’m betting on Pathos – that feeling sadness at another’s demise is at least part of it.

This YouTube channel is also “Real Americana Goth”. Too cool.

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