Bend, Oregon

Mt. Batchelor, Bend Oregon

We’ve been going to Bend, Oregon on vacation for almost 15 years years now – once every year. That sleepy little town is now one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and for good reason. Sadly, house prices are more than in Portland. Its growth has put a damper on me in some ways – but because its an island in the middle of so much forestland – and because it has the Deschutes River to supply it with water, its surrounding beauty will keep it a place of interest for many.

I have an affinity for Oregon – because it has the same “vibe” as Pennsylvania – growing up on the border of NJ, NY and PA – near the Delaware Water Gap. I also went to college in Lock Haven, PA, and have so many friends in that state. As an aside – the Holoch Family settled in Pennsylvania Dutch Country – then took advantage of Homesteading – with free land as far as the Omaha Nebraska area – and finally – some Holoch’s took the Oregon Trail and ended up in the Portland area. Maybe there is some weird metaphysical attraction here – its a fun idea anyway . . . Google Holoch-Buzzard Cemetery – yes, that’s my family!

Interesting Clouds Near Sun River

On the last day we rode bikes up the McKenzie Pass out of Sisters, Oregon:

My “gravel grinder” bike

I’ll post more pictures – we had a blast and centered each day on a bike ride – some road, some gravel.

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