I grew up near the Delaware Water Gap – where Route 80 goes from NJ to PA. Not far from there – a little north – along the Old Mine Road – one of America’s oldest roads, there is a tiny place called Flatbrookville. My father would load up his green VW Bug, open the sun roof and let us kids stand on the back seat with our heads out the top. I think we had to wear seat belts until we go close to Flatbrookville. We would go swimming in the shallow brook – and we had a blast.

I played with the name a bit and saw how close Flat Broke Ville was – and decided to write lyrics about our Morally Bankrupt Politicians. That’s who are Broke – and its NOT about money as much as scruples and morals. We pay their salaries and they do not do the work of the people. They are all beholden to corrupt corporations. The GOP is the absolute worst – but I think all are guilty to it to some degree – because that’s how America rolls. I’m not sure its been much different since the Industrial Revolution – but anyway, once the supposed “Christian Evangelists” start saying “Jesus is my Savior and Trump is my President” it reminds me of Jesus throwing Charlatans and Money Changers out of the Temple. What would Jesus do? Throw the GOP out of the Temple – of course. I don’t believe in religion any more because its a total joke. I’m glad I have read the bible though – I just wish people really cared to follow it. I wish religion wasn’t such a terrible joke – morals and scruples are a good thing. No one cares anymore.

Nobody lives there
They can't afford the rent
Its natural beauty
Is heaven sent

Corrupt brook babbles
Slakes our earthly thirst
Morally bankrupt mortals
Politicians at their worst

Repent all ye sinners
Rise to liberty
Confess your evil sins
And heaven you shall see


Anyway – this song is meant to be more an observation than a political rant per se. I’ll leave this with a question:

Has America ever (really) been a Democracy? I don’t think so, actually.

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