Puppet Radio Station Transmitter

Transmitter Mock Up #1

In college I was a DJ at their very small and simple radio station WLHU (Lock Haven State College). When I was 13, I got my first Ham Radio license. I still hold the FCC call sign KY6R, but I’m no longer active. Anyway, I’ve had a life long love of radio, even though the Internet has made it obsolete.

Transmitter Mock Up #2

This song started out as a diatribe against the absolute insane political bullshit going on in the US – with Trump and his kool aid drinking Maggots bringing “sore loser” to new all time lows (hence the “clown car calliope” sound), then I said “fuck it, get yer lederhosen on and lets dance to punk oom pah pah or polka”.

For you serious synthesizer geeks – the synth used is a Buchla Easel. Yeah.

Transmitter Mock Up #2 is something I will build for the puppet theatre. I will have an old tymie radio orchestra that will go with stage I’ve built. Rather than be literal about the transmitter, I’ll use these guys, who are made of radio parts:

I will house these guys in a formal transmitter cabinet and place the old meters and some knobs so it implies a transmitter.

This will be fun. I’m back into creative mode now that my job change is now complete.

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