Puppet Radio Station Work

Collins Radio Transmitter and Console

I was on the air with Ham Radio from 1973 – 76 in New Jersey as WA2QHN, then cars and girlfriends replaced that. I got back into the hobby very seriously from 2001 – 2016 as KY6R, and then sold everything in 2020. I used the money to purchase all of my music gear – another hobby I was very active in between about 1985 – 1990. I’ve been WAY more into music this past year than all of the years in the 80’s combined. I finally have studied enough music theory to almost know what I’m doing. In the 80’s I knew a handful of chords on the guitar and took some piano lessons – but did not work that hard, actually. I easily got into a song writing rut. Not this time around – which is pretty dang cool.

Around 2007 or so I walked into a shop on Grant Street in San Francisco called Aria and purchased an Assemblage piece by Santa Cruz artist Jack Howe. I then started using old radio parts in my own Assemblage art.

Radio Transmitter Console

The Puppet Theatre is the logical conclusion to my Assemblage art. So far, all of this is actually not Assemblage art for Assemblage art sake, but for still life photography. In the 80’s I was in a band and also had a black and white darkroom and had shows at several cafes in San Francisco. Photography has been one common thread that has persisted all these years – so I guess Photography has been the one consistent hobby I’ve had for almost 40 years.

So, geek data architect by day, artiste by night!

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