Defund Our Freedoms

Gretsch Lap Steel Guitar

I grew up about equidistant between where Biden and Trump started out. Trump was known as a big mouth spoiled brat schmuck in the NYC metro area. Biden is a regular guy.

My father had dementia in his last few years, and while he misplaced things and was a little confused, he didn’t slur like Trump is doing – and its gotten a lot worse just this year.

I don’t think Trump is the problem, but worry about how many people in the US can be so stupid or wanting of a two bit dumb fat ass wannabe dictator. Its the 40% or so morons in this country that are the problem. Besides, Trump won’t be around much longer – at least not in a healthy state. He is rapidly declining.

I wrote this song about this, but won’t even waste my breathe on it. The music sound is meant to be as “off kilter” as these American Morons.

Demented Loser
A Freudian Slip
Slurs like a boozer
White Power Trip

Narcissist Geezer
Commander in Clown
Fat Humpty Dumpty
With broken crown

Wears his pants backwards
Or that's what they say
Psycho pandemic
Who won't go away

America's broken
So many fools
Kissing the ring
Of a demented Ghoul

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