Ode To Radio

Philco Tombstone Radio

Of all mans inventions, my favorite is the radio. The fact that someone conceived the idea that we could communicate via wireless is fascinating. While I understand the science behind it – it still seems like “magic”. In a world that seems less and less magical, at least radio has always been there for me.

I grew up in a small town 60 miles northwest of New York City and 116 miles north of Philadelphia. We could receive stations from both cities and all points in between and at night, on AM Radio – half way across the country. On shortwave, we could listen to the world.

An old piano
A Standup bass
Sad Mandolin

Across the night
Signals fade out
Then back in

Highway stretch
Across the desert
Nothing but stars

Hear the music
The DJ's voice
In our cars

Mysterious radio
Wonderful sounds
Recalling our memories

We remember
Our youthful past
Bathed in melody

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