Hairy Eyeball Express

The “Sketch Winner” is a from a Box of Junque

I’ve been doing some fun “chicken scratching” and “chanking” on the guitar lately. When I was in grade school band I was a percussionist, so I love combining melodic and percussive sounds. Percussive sounds in the rhythm section really opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Initial Idea Before I Looked in my Junque Box ….

I looked up steam punk trains, and wow, what cool things there are out there. That level of artistry is above my pay grade, as I am more of a dada junque artist.

I did use the sketches to look into my stash of old junk and see if I could do something interesting. Sure enough, I had several really cool old parts, and here is the beginning of the train – the “innards”:

Building the Hairy Eyeball Express Engine . . .

The photo is full of “noise” because that’s my (art) workbench.

Looks like I need to write another song to unveil this train – over the weekend I am sure. I have a few exciting surprises in store for you – so stay tuned . . . .

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