Sometimes You Feel Grounded, Sometimes Flying

Yesterday I decided to start writing a song using the Lap Steel, and I accidentally stumbled on a way to strum the strings while “dropping” the steel on the strings. The drop was a light handed drop – in fact I tried to make it smooth, but that will take a lot more practice. (The “steel” is the metal bar that lap and pedal steel players use to barre the strings -barre as in barre chord). On top of that, I also accidentally switched the amp (I have a Fender Mustang GTX Modeling amp – which I absolutely love) to “Loud as Leeds” – which if I remember right was the Who playing at Leeds in the 70’s – “Live at Leeds”- obviously with insanely loud amps. Two “happy accidents” in one song was real luck.

Anyhoo, the bass part was recorded next – and I couldn’t “hog” the song – I prevented going down that rabbit hole – like I did on (especially) that last song. It was great to have some “restraint”, and I wrote a really simple and slow part on the bass. It still is way busier than a year ago – when I could barely keep up with chord changes and follow along with simple single notes.

I’m pleased with this one – its a mellow vibe with some intensity, and even the crap shoot noise added at the end is interesting – something to ponder for future songs. Feedback and noise – when used judiciously cn be a great thing indeed.

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