My Other Guitar is a Mandolin

Eastman MD-815 F Style Tobacco Burst

I love the Mandolin! It took me quite a few months to stop treating it as if it were a mini guitar. Its tuning is similar to a violin (D G A E), where a guitar is (E A D G B E). The Lap Steel is completely in a world of its own. I finally realized it’s tight strings and percussive effect is more like a piano, then the Mandolin opened up for me.

I also removed the pickup that the music company in Missouri added for free. It sounds much better when miking it. It’s a very acoustic instrument, another departure from electric guitar.

A Style Mandolin

Finally, while it seemed crazy a year ago that I was trying to learn and play 7 different instruments, that idea seems brilliant today. I’m so glad that it wasn’t just an expensive whim, but a great strategy. I have found the defence against writers block, which is a good part of the reason why I stopped writing songs and playing music way back in the 80’s.

Speaking of the 80’s – check out my “homage” to Kraftwerk in this song – I stumbled on it via the Arturia V Collection – where they have an awesome Buchla Easel soft synth emulator – and a patch that is exactly like Kraftwerks. I never ever would have thought a Mandolin composition would meld with Kraftwerk.

I’ll take it!

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