Flying Ship

The Flying Ship in Deep Blue Abyss

I was the co-organizer of a climate change expedition to an Australian sub-polar island called Heard Island. Google Heard Island expedition. It took place in 2016. Very few people have stepped on that island.

I didn’t go, but it was so remote it felt like the team was headed into the deep blue abyss.

The Flying Ship
Sailing through the deep blue abyss
Keep yer eye peeled for dry land
It feels like seven seas we've spanned

The Flying Ship
Steadfast in its southeast direction
From Cape Town to Heard Island
There is no protection

The Flying Ship
The hearty crew and captain strong
The passengers bide their time
Drinking rum and singing until dawn


Eleven days to reach her shores
The penguin greeting they adored
Mawson Peak on old Big Ben
Lit by the last days rays, then descend

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