Introducing The Orchard Demo Tape Project

Circa 2002: Leica’s Inexpensive Digilux-1 Camera

I’ve decided to change the name of this blog to match its main purpose, and be as direct as possible. I’m curious to see if it might attract more readers. Kabarett 391, with its nod to my love of all things Dada is probably too abstract and obscure.

My main goal for this blog has been to showcase my music, assemblage art and photography. I had intended on adding video of puppet’s and puppet theatre, but having them at rest and at ease amongst assemblage (miniature) pieces I build is what stuck. I love that serendipity – its answers the question, “What do puppets do in their time off?”.

I also realize that my #1 goal is to try to write a song a day. I think I average 3 a week, and that is fine by me. It means the songs would be ready to bring to band practice and see if the band wants to shape and mold into something worth putting on a record. (My 30 year old son is into vinyl so its cool that I can even use the word record).

The photo today is a 4 megapixel Leica camera they released in 2002, years before they could get into the market with their ridiculously priced cameras. It was made by Panasonic, and it still works with an adapter. The batteries are no longer in production and the three I have are dead.

Anyhow, I should have a new song later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting.

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