Camera Eye Puppet Theatre

Rolleiflex, Hassleblad, Argus

As you know, this series of Puppet Theatre is NOT to do puppet shows but a cover for doing still life photography. In fact, the 10 years I did Assemblage art were also to give me something to photograph. I’m now working on a puppet stage set that includes cameras as the backdrop – so it should be fun. Building miniature sets with all of the small pieces is the best part.

Speaking of music – I wrote this song today starting with the Piano. It’s either the first or second time I wrote a song starting with the Piano. I need to do this more – the Piano forces you to really have your music theory thinking cap on. On guitar – you can “noodle” around with chords and write a rock song very quickly – its true – if you know 2 or 3 chords – you can get something going fast – and without knowing theory.

The song is in the key of B – a key I’ve hardly ever used. I also added a lap steel part towards the end. This song is full of firsts for me.

The Piano has a layout that is so perfect for learning music theory and even site reading sheet music. It takes some work – but it is nowhere near as “abstract” as most stringed instruments. The keys are “linear” – laid out in ascending pitch and wherever you start – you can start playing a major or minor scale – with sharps, flats and tonic notes all in line. While I love all of my instruments, I do have a special place in my heart for piano. I think this happened in the 80’s when I heard little piano accompanying parts in R.E.M. songs -like “Don’t Go Back to Rockville”. Those little piano parts made the songs for me.

Best of all – playing chords and riffs on the piano is just plain fun!

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