Large Format Living

Large Format Camera
Years ago, I had a Graflex Graphic View rail based 4 x 5 camera. In many ways it was my favorite camera - mostly because of all of the ways you could adjust the plane of the lens and because having to handle sheet film was "real photography". I had a darkroom and loved processing sheet film.
As a metaphor, the phrase "Living Large" Is one that is relative. Some may interpret this as "more", but for me less is more.  As I've grown older I've found that learning is the best part of life - its what super charges me.  I'd say "Living Small" is better than "Living Large", but learning how to be a better musician is "Living Huge" - even though it "only" costs me my time.  The best part is this is a life long pursuit.
My Favorite Cameras. (I’d take a Leica instead of the Argus, Thank You)
Living large
Outside the box
On the edge
On the ledge

Less is more
Do it now
While you can

Time, it waits
For no man
Live for today
What's your plan?

Only young once
Forever young at heart
Go for the gusto
Make a strong start

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