Devolution and Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking Has Replaced Common Sense

While the name of this song is revolt, its actually the lack of people protesting where their very survival depends on it. Instead they protest that which saves them. I’ve never seen such a mass suicide, but Jim Jones and Jonestown was a minor precursor.

Witness the Red States who are on a dangerous bender to NOT have people vaccinated. See the GQP rally around this perfectly mirroring Idiocracy. Maybe Injecting Bleach or Brawndo will fix stupidity? What does the GQP get by putting their constituents lives and especially their children’s lives at risk?

America is Kaputski. Putin is loving it. Russia won’t be the winner of anything though – but they will help China beat all of us. We are all Lambs to the Slaughter, by our own stupidity.

This song is about people who put politics over their own survival. Mike Judge sure nailed it.

Self preservation
Is over rated
Anti vaxxers
Are parading

Giving fools
Their magical thinking
Anti truth serum
They be drinking

Who needs science
We have Q
He's our savior
How bout you?

Hold your Bible
Upside down
Sacrifice your kids
For the fat Orange Clown

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