Holoch-Buzzard Cemetery

My Idea For a Family Cemetery Logo

In York County, Nebraska, there is a family cemetery called the Holoch-Buzzard Cemetery. A distant relative had moved from where he immigrated to on the east coast to Nebraska, where he got a 150 acre tract as part of a homesteading act. His name was Christian Holoch, and he was originally from the Stuttgart Germany area. He is a great Uncle of mine. That part of the family did end up on the Oregon Trail and ended up near Portland.

Speaking of coffins, I was wondering if someone ever created a “coffin microphone” since its shape would be a fun novelty. The answer is yes, but a CB Mic that is hand held.

I think a metal ribbon Mic that looks like a coffin for musicians – especially an American Gothic or Rockabilly / Psychobilly band – would be very cool indeed.

Coffin Guitar Case

Googling that brought up coffin guitar cases, which is very funny.

I’ve got a new song in the works, stay tuned ….

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