My Favorite Guitars

My Favorite – the Gretsch G5622T

My all time favorite guitar is my pumpkin orange Gretsch. Its part of their value line of guitars – not the cheapest but much cheaper than their pro line. Its made in Korea, and its fit and finish is as good as the only “pro” guitar I own. This is a good part of why its my favorite – its off the scale as far as value is concerned. It stays in tune nicely and is a joy to play. It also sounds great.

Weirdo Cheap But Super Fun Squier Starcaster

While not my favorite guitar, its one that is just super fun to play is the Squier Starcaster. Its an “offset” guitar, and while the fit and finish is not as good as my favorite Gretsch guitar, it feels great to play and its sound defies its cheap price.

I’m an amateur musician and I’ll never play live (I did in the 80’s and played at Hotel Utah in San Francisco so I got that checked off my list) . I’m glad I have one “pro” guitar, but I can say without a doubt that these value guitars make me very happy because I feel I can do anything with them and the value is way better than I remember guitars being back in the 80’s.

What a great way to start the day – coffee and fond guitar thoughts. Geez, I can’t wait to play!

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