Revolution: Spaceship Earth

Another Revolution Around the Summer Sun

I’m reading a great book about the American Revolution by Rick Atkinson called “The British Are Coming”. I’m interested because using Ancestry, I found out that I have some British and German relatives who were in America before, during and after the Revolution.

As we approach August, Summer is already 1/3rd done. Back to School sales start and swim meets go through their final phase. The word Revolution meaning spinning is interesting that Revolution is a turning and a double entendre.

This year is far better than last in many ways and so far we have had a cooler than normal summer. The skies are blue and air quality is excellent. NYC has much worse air quality due to the Western Fires than I do, which is bizarre. The flooding in China and Europe and the Middle East is bizarre, while we are burning and running out of water.

I expect smoke and bad air this summer. Maybe this strong blast of icy foggy air will persist this summer? Wishful thinking I’ll bet.

The Earth seems to be in an Angry Revolution, and this makes any political movement or revolution absurd, silly and insignificant.

Mother Nature is Pissed.

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