(Great Grandpa) Bishop Edward Waddington

WOW – my 7th Great Grandfather is a historic figure in England. Bishop Edward Waddington:

My 7th Great Grandfather – Bishop Edward Waddington – 1682 – 1731

Sunday “grab bag” ….

My Mothers side of the family is turning out to be quite interesting. Exciting genealogy find today.

I worked on puppet theatre set design, music and genealogy. Big fun Sunday! That was after weight lifting and cycling to and from the gym and cleaning the house.

Today I had the burning urge to play the lap steel. Like the bass – where all of a sudden I had a break through and step up in my playing, all of a sudden I “get” the lap steel, and kind of understand how and where to play it. In today’s song idea, which I gave myself one hour to write – the lap steel was almost the entire song. I added a cool Solina background part – just for variety. It was another “quickie”, nut I do find that trying to “speed write” is a kind of fun game that helps improve my improvisation.

I also am very close to finishing the imaginary puppet show set of a Leica and Roleiflex cameras. These things are a lot of fun to build – and I try to use as much pure junk as possible.

Leica Digilux-1
Roleiflex – just started, needs work

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