Epic Joke

What in God’s Green Earth Has Made Man So Stoopit? I think its the “Stylo – Glossus“!

Today we have preachers and politicians telling us a pandemic vaccine (that can prevent almost certain Delta Variant death) is “The Mark of The Devil” – or my favorite “You will be Microchipped by Bill Gates”. (OK – Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein – I did not see that coming) . . . . amazing that, but I digress . . .

If that’s not enough Philadelphia Enquirer style entertainment (shows my age – bwa-hahahaha) – how about a Pedophile congressman failing to successfully have rallies with a lunatic anti-vaxxer woman congress person who spreads conspiracy theories about “Q” Pedophiles. Or a Pillow Salesman crack addict who encourages a Sudafed snorting ex President to believe he will be ” reinstated” on August, Friday the 13th – and that he was heaven sent as if he were the second coming of Christ. Oy vey . . . [Jesus took the last train outta here – and he ain’t commin’ back – cuz we are just too stoopit . . . (as the conspiracy goes, even God said “I gave them the Earth, Moon and Sky but they broke it, they bought it – no returns or give backs”) ]

I think its global warming – that one or two degree increase has fried our brains?

I guess, me being super optimistic, all of this is modern fun and entertainment (right? is that what this is, really?). Donald Duck Trump will be dead sooner rather than later – and I can only imagine that history books (that no one reads anymore because they proclaim “TL:DR”) will have an epitaph:

Here he lies
Broken Hearted,
Tried to shit
But only farted
(Kick Me Hard - For a Good Time, call 666-666-7734)

I can only hope this Epic Joke is on me – and I just haven’t gotten it yet. You can all laugh at me on the count of
1 – 2 – 3 . . .

Huge new song idea based on this, I shall name him:

Bats in the Belfry. Seriously, I’m on it!

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